Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Thank you Highly qualified HASP personnel !

From the HASP announcement page:

August 28, 2007:
HASP MECHANICAL INTEGRATION: The primary event today was mechanically attaching HASP to the mini-SIP frame and control system. In addition, the mini-SIP was prepared for flight and initial communication tests between HASP and the mini-SIP were successful. Finally, the Hyper-GEOCAM group requested a configuration change to their camera. Highly qualified HASP personnel were able to open the delicate Hyper-GEOCAM payload box and perform the requested change (see daily images).

HASP weather estimates

From Greg Guzik:

Today's weather briefing indicates strong winds building over the weekend and lasting to mid-week next week. Our only near term launch opportunity will be dawn on Saturday, September 1. If we can not make that launch, then the next opportunity may not be until Wednesday or Thursday next week. Thus, we are now planning to complete the compatibility testing on Friday, August 31 and look at launching HASP at dawn on Saturday, September 1.

Tomorrow morning, CSBF will be launching a test of the 37 heavy balloon. You should be able to follow this launch from the CSBF website at . The scheduled launch time for the 37H is 7:30 am.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

HASP 2006 on video and HASP 2007 on schedule

Found two videos of the HASP 2006, taken from the CosmoCam a webcam embarked on our HASP flight, enjoy:

The news from HASP 2007:

CURRENT HASP STATUS 13:10 UTC August 27, 2007: Mike Stewart and Greg Guzik have arrived at the flightline in Ft. Sumner, New Mexico. Today will be devoted to locateing all the HASP equipment, unpacking, setting up our control system, and assembling / checking the HASP ballooncraft. So far the weather here has been clear and pleasant, but it is too early to make any reliable predictions about launch

Saturday, August 11, 2007

GeoCam and Hyper-GeoCam are ready to fly.

We passed the qualification and are currently on-board HASP 2007. Stay tuned. Thank you John.