Saturday, September 01, 2007

HASP2007 launch today ?

From Greg Guzik:

HASP will make a launch attempt tomorrow, Saturday September 1, 2007. The anticipate launch time is 7:30 am Mountain time (i.e. 13:30 UTC), but this could be earlier or later depending upon weather and readiness. The HASP team will arrive at the flight line at about 2:30 am and pickup is scheduled for about 3:30 am. Attached here is our working pre-launch timeline. This will give you an idea of what should be happening at what time. The real times for these events will very likely not correspond exactly with the times listed in the chart.

As I have the time, I will be posting status updates on the main page of the HASP website. You can also monitor the CosmoCam video which will be available on and off during flight prep. You can also view CSBF video and tracking at

Our fingers are doubly crossed.

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