Saturday, August 26, 2006

How hot is it going to get ?

Here is a small spreadsheet showing the one node computation that features what happens if we use black or white paint on the outside of the GeoCam box. That box is gonna be white....

John and Franky tested the power-on/off behavior of the camera which acted as it should. They have a concern that the servo pushing the clicker might be pushing too far but the folks at HASP integration told them it would be OK.

There is an expectation to have the flight go for twenty hours. After that, it will be flown by the folks at NASA back to Fort Sumner where it will be shipped back to LSU. We should be either picking up our payload in Louisiana or have it Fedex'ed.

New Item on the checlist: wipe out the card before leaving.

John and Franky should be heading back home today.

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Franky De La Garza said...

We're back folks! We left a little later than expect but did this in order to check and recheck that everything was in place and working as should. No matter how small or insignificant the adjustment, GeoCam's status was rechecked. If your on a similiar project and reading up on this, trust me when I say that double-checking everything is a must.

While I was there, I was given some information on tracking GeoCam which could help for data processing. If you go to
and click the flight status link, you can get all the data on GeoCam's direction of flight except orientation.

I'm almost sure this is known but just wanted to make sure. Hope everyone gets to see the flight through CosmoCam which is on HASP. It's link is also on the HASP webpage.