Sunday, August 27, 2006

It may get cold but we ain't gonna trip

John and I decided to cut the wires for the heaters for two reasons:
- Greg Guzik was not too happy when our amp count was over our self described limit of 0.5 amps.
- We don't know if there is a possibility our amp drawing might trip the fuse set on our payload (1 amp).
Since we did not have any resistance off hand, we decided that, given the fact that the camera would at least produce about 4 watts of heat, it would be able to survive the cold temperatures on the way up and at cruising altitude. I believe we can deal with the uncertainty on the temperature (computed to be OK for an ideal one node case) than the possibility of tripping and shutting down our payload. [ This was written before John left. He and Franky decided to leave the heaters on ]

The payload was cycled through several power on and off of the whole HASP payload and it was shown that our camera started as expected. Our request to the Balloon folks is to power us on as soon as HASP launches. John should have several shots of another balloon sent off yesterday.

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