Friday, August 25, 2006

Labor Day Launch ?

Here is the latest from Greg Guzik:

Flight Requirements Review went well. We are looking for a desired 20 hour flight at an altitude of 124,000 feet. The maximum lift of the 11 million light is 2,875 pounds and the HASP weight is about 1,850 pounds (including 400 pounds drive up ballast). We may or may not be able to carry more ballast to maintain altitude after sunset. The limit is imposed by the parachute load which is currently set at 2,000 pounds.

We are expecting to complete integration this weekend and do the official hang test next Monday (August 28). At that point we will be Flight Ready and we are projecting a launch window from August 29 through September 8.

There will be a test flight launch and at least a 24 hour standdown prior to HASP launch. Thus, HASP will not launch until after the pathfinder and at least 48 hours after the initial launch. Current best GUESS from the CSBF folks is a HASP launch sometime around Labor Day weekend. Regular weather briefings will begin early next week.

For those of you not in the U.S., Labor day is September 4 this year.

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