Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Fort Sumner, HASP has landed

According to Greg Guzik:

The HASP flight ended at 9:19 UTC today with termination of the balloon. The payload parachuted down, slowing to a speed of about 20 feet / second and impacted at 112 deg 0.45 min W, 35 deg 47.0 min N at 10:02:20 UTC. This location is just a bit south of the Grand Canyon. Needless to say, this was an exciting balloon flight termination. In preparation for termination, the student payloads were turned off at 8:05 UTC. Thus, the HASP flight was 18 hours 12 minutes long and all payloads were at a float altitude of at least 111,800 feet for about 13.5 hours. We are expecting to get HASP back to Ft. Sumner within a couple of days.

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