Wednesday, September 20, 2006

NASA Balloon Carries High Altitude Student Platform to the Edge of Space

NASA just came out with a press release on the whole HASP program, take a look at it here.
After reading about this story on Slashdot, I noticed in the comment section that last year, some other team did something similar to our project but it looks like their camera froze on the way up. Our current expectation is that the camera might have gotten very warm once it reached 120,000 feet. We'll see when the payload arrives home. A related effort at NOAA is similarly interesting. We believe that the main difference between all these payloads and ours is our stated goal of making a mapping of these pictures onto real maps (google maps). Our camera was specifically focused to get the most detail out of the landscape whereas most of the helium balloon shots seem to have looked at the wider angle to get shots of "space".

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